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Edie & Attie's Formal Consignments is currently on break. We will reopen in January 2020. 

Questions? Give us a call at 636-296-2566

How our Consignment Works

Please note: we are not accepting any dresses right now. We're on break and will reopen in January. Please follow us on Facebook to stay updated!


We look for dresses that are still in style, bought within the last four years and in great condition. We will not consign any dress with stains, rips, or damage.

Dresses do not  have to be freshly dry-cleaned but we highly recommend it. 

We have limited space in our store. We are picky on what we can take. If we don't think we can sell it, we will not be able to consign it. It never hurts to bring it in to see though!


Due to the seasonal nature of our business, store hours change frequently, but are always updated on our website.

We are now in between seasons & will not be open until Prom shopping starts back up in January.

If you are looking for a casual dress or slightly dressy outfit, Arnold's Walk-In Closet is where you should shop.


Together, we will set the price of the dress. We will not sell a dress lower than what is agreed upon.

When the dress sells, its a 60/40 split. For example, if we sell your dress for $100, we get $60 and you get $40. We will write a check for your portion which can be mailed for $1 or picked-up. 

At the time you bring your dress in, we will go over the contract. Please be aware of contract length. Any dress not picked up at the end of the contract will be donated.


We will do our absolute best to sell your dress. Please keep in mind your dress will be tried on and handled. We cannot be responsible for broken zippers, missing jewels, snags, missing buttons, broken straps or any other type of damage that could occur. We are open to the public so there's always a chance your dress could be damaged or even stolen. If this scares the life out of you, it might be best to sell your dress on your own.